Guidance and care for your beloved pet

Losing your beloved pet is terribly difficult, and decisions for your pet's next journey can be unexpected and confusing.

We've been in your position, and we understand that. When you're devastated by the loss of a pet,

it's even more difficult to calculate complex pricing strategies. We are here to help.

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We can usually get your ashes back within 48 hours

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Cremation Services

If your pet has passed away at home, you can contact Guardian Pet Cremation Services and we will come and pick up your pet (in Edmonton and surrounding suburbs). Or you can feel free to bring your pet to us. We specialize in caring and gentle care for your faithful friend throughout the cremation process.

We offer private cremation or communal cremation for any kind of pet. In this difficult time, let us help you to make the decisions that you will be comfortable with. We are here to make this journey as painless as possible for you, and to answer any questions you may have. 

**You can contact us to make arrangements for the pick up and the return of your pet, or to bring your pet directly to our facility. Arrangements can be made through email, phone, text, or Live Chat.

Click the "Contact" tab above or below to get in touch with us.

(We endeavor to answer all calls at any time of the day/night, or else to return your call within one hour. If, for some reason you are not able to contact us or wait for a quick response, we encourage you to contact Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre. We are confident you will receive the same gentle and respectful service from them that we would provide for you.)

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Gentle care and guidance for your pet's next journey...

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