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My pet passed away at home, what should I do?

After your pet passes, and you've had the opportunity to say your final goodbye, you can contact Guardian staff to arrange for a time to have us come pick up your beloved pet. Please use the "Let's Chat" text button below, the email form in the "Contact Us" tab, or phone us directly. You can expect an answer within minutes if we aren't available immediately.

How do I know I'm getting my own pet's ashes back when I choose Private Cremation?

This is the question we are asked most often, and in fact, it's part of the reason we decided to start Guardian Pet Cremation Services. Complete transparency is necessary to put our clients' minds at ease. We welcome you to ask any questions you'd like, or even to bring your pet to our facility yourself. We also offer video confirmation of the handling of your pet, although this option is difficult for most pet parents. Arrangements must be made at time of booking. We will do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease, so if you have requests or concerns, please let us help you however we can. At this difficult time, nothing is more important than assuring you are comfortable with your decision. We will treat your pets as if they are our own - with gentleness and respect at all times.

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