This mini heavy stainless steel urn is 4 cm x 3 cm (1.5"x1.2") and is an ideal option for family members who all want to keep a small a amount of ash.

Memorialize your loving pet with this timeless quality urn that is laser engraved with the phrase "Always in my Heart" and a tiny paw print.

 This urn will hold about 2 tsp of ash. The remaining ashes will be returned to you in a scatter box, or you may choose another keepsake to store the rest of your pet's cremains.


***Your pet's ashes and whichever keepsakes you have purchased will be returned to your home (free of charge) with the Private cremation option offered here. Offer applies within the Edmonton city limits.

MINI 'Always in my Heart' Urn

Color: Silver
Size: x-mini
Paw Prints to Heaven


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