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Say Hello to
Marcel, Tracy, & Swagger


Proud Family-Owned Business

After a few mediocore experiences when dealing with the heartbreaking loss of our family pets, it got us thinking that maybe there's a better way.


The lack of compassion and care that we experienced, inspired us to look

into the options, and Guardian Pet Cremation was born.

Integrity is such an essential part of entrusting your pet into the care of

a crematorium, and we know we can offer that.

The prompt return of your pet to you is top priority for us.

Having to wait for more than a few days is difficult when you've

lost a part of your family, and we understand that!

Thank you for trusting us to help you through this emotional time. 

~Marcel  & Tracy


This is our youngest family member.

His name is Swagger, and he rocks it! 

We hope you feel confident in entrusting your pet

into our care. We will treat your pet with the love and

respect that we would expect our own pet to be

treated with in the same circumstances. 

Paw Prints to Heaven
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