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Pet Cremation services

COVID-19 Update! We are ready to assist you and your loved ones during these difficult times. Our staff will provide you with safe handling expectations, to ensure the best practices are followed to reduce health risks for everyone.

Guidance and care for your beloved pet

Losing your beloved pet is terribly difficult, and decisions for your pet's next journey can be unexpected and confusing. We've been in your position, and we understand that. When you're devastated by the loss of a pet, it's even more difficult to calculate complex pricing strategies.

Cremation Services

If your pet has passed away at home, you can contact Guardian Pet Cremation Services and we will come and pick up your pet (in Edmonton and surrounding suburbs). Or you can feel free to bring your pet to us. We specialize in caring and gentle care for your pet throughout the cremation process.

We offer private cremation, or communal cremation for any kind of pet. In this difficult time, let us help you to make the decisions that you will be comfortable with. We are here to make this journey as painless as possible for you, and to answer any questions you may have. 

**You can contact us to make arrangements for the pick up and the return of your pet, or to bring your pet directly to our facility. Arrangements can be made through email, phone, text, or Live Chat.

Click the "Contact" tab to get in touch with us, or see the Ask Me Anything button below. 

(Please see the Cremation Services tab above for more details.)


Our Pricing is kept simple

*At Guardian Pet Cremation Services, we won't charge extra to cremate large pets, and we don't count kilometres within Edmonton and surrounding cities/towns.

Our fees are all FLAT RATES, so that you don't have to concern yourself with trying to figure out difficult pricing situations.

We're here to make things as easy for you as possible during this difficult time. 

-transport fees are included in our regular prices
Family Cat

What we offer


*gentle and caring, free pick up of your pet from your residence within Edmonton and surrounding suburbs. If you choose private cremation, your pets ashes are also returned to you for free. (We also offer a discount if you bring your pet right to us at Guardian.) 


*professional and caring transition for your pet throughout the entire cremation process. We know how it feels to lose a pet. Let us provide the same care for your pet that we would want for our own pets.


*your pet's ashes will be ready for you within 2 business days if Private Cremation option is chosen. This quick service will not cost you extra. We understand that it's important to get pets back to their families as quickly as possible.


*wide selection of urns, keepsakes and jewelry. Please see "Keepsakes" tab above


*easy payment options on-line or with e-Transfer


*we are available evenings and weekends


*to put your mind at ease, we can offer a video of your pet's preparation. (upon request only at time of booking)

How do I know I'm getting my own pet's ashes back?

This is the question we are asked most often, and in fact, it's part of the reason we decided to start Guardian Pet Cremation Services.

Complete transparency is necessary to put our clients' minds at ease. We welcome you to ask any questions you'd like, or even to bring your pet to our facility yourself.

We also offer video confirmation of the handling of your pet, although this option is difficult for most pet parents. 

We will do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease, so if you have requests or concerns, please let us help you however we can. At this difficult time, nothing is more important than assuring you are comfortable with your decision. 

We will treat your pets as if they are our own - with gentleness and respect at all times. 

Pet Bunnies

What kind of pets can be cremated?

You can choose to cremate any kind of pet including dogs, cats, birds, lizards, rabbits, etc.

Note: Ashes (or "cremains") can only be returned to the owner if the "Private" cremation is chosen. Please see Cremation Services tab for more info.

Paw Prints to Heaven
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