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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My pet passed away at home. What should I do?
    After your pet passes, and you've had the opportunity to say your final goodbye, you can contact Guardian Pet Cremation Services to arrange for a gentle pick up your beloved pet. Please call, text, or email us to make these arrangements. You can also use the "Ask me Anything" button below if you have questions. The quickest way to contact us is definitely phone at 780-433-8900 or text to 780-909-2919. We are usually available to gently transfer your pet to our facility, or have you bring them to us between the hours of 6:30 AM - 7:00 PM by appointment.
  • How do I know I'm getting my own pet's ashes back when I choose Private Cremation?
    This is the question we are asked most often, and in fact, it's part of the reason we decided to start Guardian Pet Cremation Services. Complete transparency is necessary to put our clients' minds at ease. We welcome you to ask any questions you'd like, or even to bring your pet to our facility yourself. We use a stainless steel tag system to ensure that you receive your pet's ashes back. This tag stays with your pet from the moment they arrive at our facility, until they go back home to you. It's an expensive system, because the tag must be strong enough to stay with your pet during cremation and still be readable after. The tag will NEVER leave your pet, and it will be returned with your pet's ashes. It doesn't mean anything to you and you are free to discard it, but it means everything to us. In our opinion, it's the ONLY way to ensure that you are 100% getting back your own pet's ashes, and this is so very important to us. **We guarantee that we will NOT, at any time, transfer your pet to another company or individual for cremation. The custody of your pet will remain with us only. We provide all cremation services on our property and do not ever contract this service out to another company. We also offer video confirmation of the handling of your pet, although this option is difficult for some pet parents. Arrangements must be made at time of booking. ​ We endeavor to do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease, so if you have requests or concerns, please let us help you however we can. At this difficult time, nothing is more important than assuring that you are comfortable with your decision. ​ We will treat your pets as if they are our own - with gentleness and respect at all times.
  • What is Private Cremation?
    Private cremation is when your pet is alone in the chamber and you receive your pet's ashes back. Your pet is assigned a stainless steel tag as soon as they arrive at our facility and that tag remains with your pet until you take them home. This identification system ensures that your pet is always identified correctly. It's one of many checks and balances we use to assure accuracy.
  • What is group or Communal pet cremation?
    In a communal cremation, the remains of a few pets are placed in the cremation chamber simultaneously. Following the cremation, the ashes are intermingled and scattered on our peaceful scattering grounds. With communal cremation, no ashes are returned to the family.
  • Can I bring my pet to Guardian Pet Cremation facility? Will you ever transport my pet elsewhere?
    Yes, you can most definitely bring your pet to us after they have passed away. We offer a warm and welcoming privacy room at Guardian so you are free to take your time saying your final farewell. No, we will NEVER transfer custody of your pet to another company for cremation, or take your pet's body to another location. Guardian Pet Cremation offers full cremation services on site. Please call for an appointment to bring your pet in, as we may be away from our location attending to another family.
  • Will Guardian Pet Cremation ever transfer the custody of my pet to another company? Or will you transport them anywhere besides Guardian premises?
    Never. We own our own premises and crematorium facilities. Unlike some cremation companies, we never contract cremation services to another company, and we will NEVER transfer custody of your pet, or transport your pet to another company's facilities.
  • Do you offer in-home pet euthanasia?
    Yes, we work closely with mobile vets who will come to your home to provide this service. More and more people are choosing this option for the comfort and privacy it provides for their pets. Please call us for more information.
  • How should I prepare my pet's body for cremation?
    Often family members will wrap their pet in a favorite blanket or some other personal article of meaning to the pet or family members. You can also provide a few personal items to be cremated with your pet. This may be a special toy, clothing, flower, note, picture, food treats etc. All keepsakes will remain with your pet. To better respect our environment and reduce emissions, we ask that you not include items such as foam bedding, metal, or large items. Also, you may appreciate a lock of your pet’s fur. (Please ask if you would like us to do this for you).
  • What if I want something other than the urn that is provided with the cremation?
    We offer a variety of urns that you can choose from, but for some creative clients they may want to make their own urns, or some clients want to scatter their pet's ashes, or bury them, or find their own style that we may not offer. You are welcome to choose any alternative. Choosing an urn is a very personal decision, and we'll never force you to purchase one of ours. A thoughtfully personalized scatter box is included with the price of your private cremation. If you would prefer a velvet pouch, we can provide that instead, at no extra cost.
  • We have other surviving pets in our home.  How can we help them handle the loss and should we allow them to see the body?
    Pets do grieve the loss of their buddy and understand death to a degree. Allowing the surviving pet to see and smell the body of their deceased friend does help them understand. Sometimes if this doesn’t happen they mournfully search for them wondering where they have gone. Cats being the independent creatures they are do not always show signs of mourning, only your loving keen eye will observe if they need some extra attention.
  • I have pet insurance that covers cremation costs, can you help me with that?"
    Once you have your paperwork from your pet insurance provider, bring it into our office and we will fill it out and sign it so you may make your claim. Many families have received their paperwork by the time they come in to pick up their pet's ashes.
  • Our pet passed away while we were on vacation and arrangements were made by our pet sitter or other family members.  Are we able to see our pet again?
    Everyone should have the opportunity to say goodbye to a cherished pet. Whether it’s a few days or more, we can absolutely delay the cremation until your return. Let us know and we will discuss the final details with you.
  • My veterinarian clinic offers cremation, why would I not use them?"
    All vet clinics will be able to offer ethical cremation services for your pet, although having a pet pass away at a veterinarian clinic does not mean you cannot take your pet home with you afterward, or have the cremation company of your choice transport your pet to their facility for cremation. Many people cannot emotionally handle the thought of leaving their pet at the veterinary clinic. If you want immediate service for your pet, ask your clinic if their cremation service will be handling your pet that day, or if there will be a delay. Some people feel more comfortable arranging their own cremation services with a company that they have spoken to and possibly visited themselves.
  • Do you provide pet burial?
    Unfortunately, there are no pet cemeteries in the Edmonton area.
  • Hours of Operation.
    We offer appointments at your home or our facilities between the hours of 6:30 AM-7:00 PM. We are open every day. We kindly request that you call ahead to schedule an appointment.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    We will never share or sell the information that we collect from our clients. We use only secure financial sites.
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