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This heavy MINI stainless steel urn is 4 cm x 3 cm (1.5"x1.2") and is an ideal option for family members who all want to keep a small amount of their treasured pet's ashes, or people who want to scatter some ash, but keep a small portion as well.


Memorialize your loving pet with this timeless quality urn that has 3 style options. Please specify your choice when you speak with us. (Silver 'Always in my Heart', rose gold 'Always in my Heart', or silver Tree of Life.) 


 This urn will hold about 2 tsp of ash. The remaining ashes will be returned to you in a scatter box, a velvet pouch, or you may choose another keepsake to store the rest of your pet's cremains.


***We can offer a personalized touch on this urn by ENGRAVING your pet's name directly onto the lid.

MINI 'Always in my Heart' Urn

Color: Silver
Size: x-mini
Paw Prints to Heaven
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